Victoria Burge

Iowa 2010  from “Maps”   

Photopolymer Intaglio

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all my limbs can become trees

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Araki Nobuyoshi - Tokyo Nostalgia (1998)

Happens to be Moriyama’s spot where he often hangs out in Golden Gai quarter.

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“Girls who smoke ..
Girls who smoke are sexier than most. The ones who aren’t afraid of a midnight toke. The ones who will hit the bong, and rap with you to your favorite song. The chick you hang out with on a sunny day and share that dank ass Jay. Not that stuck up cunt that talks shit in class. The one who rolls blunts and knows how to puff and pass. So this poem is to all the girls who love that sticky weed because they are the best women indeed.”

Lmao me

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my white bed sheets and hands - 9:22am

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